Viva Las Vegas


Once again, silly me forgot my camera and GoPro. So Iphone photos had to do, and honestly, none of them do the lights and flashiness of Vegas justice. Anway, Nick had a long weekend for Labor Day so we decided to get out of Twentynine Palms and head to Las Vegas! We have only ever been there to fly out of the airport but never to hang out and live up the Vegas scene, so it was time! To sum up our trip, we drank, ate, and gambled our way through the town, which is the only way to do Vegas right!?

We got there early Saturday and walked around Fremont Street. This is the “Original” Vegas so it had all the lights, flash, and entertainers. We saw Elvis about a dozen times and enough drunk people to last a lifetime (mind you, it wasn’t even noon yet!) So entertaining. After walking around for a little and watching some magicians and musicians do there things we sat on a patio bar and got a drink and people watched. I think Vegas is the number 1 spot in the world to people watch, its priceless. We got some lunch at an Irish pub that had the BEST fresh squeezed lemonade vodka and then headed over to the strip to check into out hotel.

We stayed at Bally’s, right across the street from the Begllagio (where a couple of our friends were staying). It wasn’t anything fancy but the bed was comfy and it was clean so that’s all we needed. Then we met up with our friends at The Linq Observatory. Basically a giant enclosed ferris wheel and you can see all of Vegas at the top. Pretty cool, would have been even cooler at night with all the lights.

Headed back to our hotel to get ready for dinner. We had reservations at this mexican restaurant, El Segundo Sol. It did not disappoint. Seriously the best guacamole we’ve ever had. So needless to say we filled up on chips, guac, and margaritas and barely ate any of our dinner, but that’s okay, totally worth it. After dinner we headed to the Begllagio to meet up with our friends. Dinner was farther down the strip from our hotel so we got to walk a good portion of The Strip, which at night, is really neat. There are lights flashing everywhere, people and entertainers everywhere, again, such fun people watching. We finished the night off drinking and gambling (always a great combination).

We woke up Sunday morning, got some coffee, and headed over to the Begllagio’s pool with our friends. Had a delicious bloody mary (for anyone who knows me, you know I’m a baby with spice, but I’ve been loving bloody marys lately! Aren’t you proud my spice tolerance is going up!?) and pina colada (YUM!). Then headed back to our room for a quick nap and to get ready for dinner. We made reservations at an Italian restaurant in Caesars Palace (which is super cool to walk through, it’s like you’re outside but not) called Trevi. They had a whole separate gluten-free menu which was so awesome so I got some gluten free stuffed ravioli thing that was delicious! Then it was time to go see the Cirque Du Soleil show, Mystere. Such an amazing show! The shere strength and grace those people have is unbelievable. I could probably go watch the same show multiple times and see things I didn’t the first time because there’s always so much going on. If you get a chance ever, go see one! Then we headed back to the Bellagio again to finish the night off drinking and gambling (again, great combination, except this time it was!). We ended up winning all our money back that we lost and then some!

We woke up Monday morning, packed up our things and headed to brunch at Hash House a Go Go, holy FOOD! The portions were huge but so fresh and yummy. We split a bloody mary (that had bacon in it) and ate maybe half our brunch and took the rest to go. Maybe that’s why they call it Hash House a GO GO because you end up taking half your food with you. And that concluded our Las Vegas trip! We had such a great time and were happy to get away and forget about our real world problems for a little.


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