Hey there friends! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Kelsey (Brooker) Ortlieb. I am a lover of all things food, fitness, and adventure and I’m here to share some of those wonderful things with you 🙂 Writing has always been something I enjoy so I thought, why not write about all the other things in my life that make my heart and soul happy!? I hope to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone by maybe trying a new recipe or workout, or going on an adventure to somewhere you’ve never been before. Life is truly too short to not enjoy every moment of it.

A little more about me:
I grew up in Pennsylvania but am now currently living in Southern California with my husband and our princess kitty Mia. Our life is pretty up in the air right now so who knows where we will be in the next couple months (scary, I know! But life’s an adventure, right?! ;).) We love hiking, camping, and exploring all places that this beautiful world has to offer us.

I would consider myself an athlete since birth. I grew up trying pretty much every sport but swimming is the one that stuck with me throughout my high school and college years. I still enjoy a good swim probably once a week but Crossfit type workouts are more my jam these days. I love feeling strong, powerful and trying new skills that years ago I never would have thought I could do. It’s taught me that I don’t need to spend half my day working out until I want to die. It’s a pretty amazing sport and community and I’m so grateful I found it when I did.

I wasn’t always as happy and confident as I am in myself, my body, and my abilities as I am now. It took a lot of stupid “dieting,” spending hours upon hours working out and thinking less of myself because I ate that extra brownie to realize that this can’t be what living is all about. It didn’t happen over night. It took a lot of perspective changing, learning how to change the way I talked to myself, and help from other females out there who have also dealt with these skewed perceptions and were willing to share them to the world. I think it’s safe to say that if you’re a woman you have dealt with something similar at least once in your life. Sadly, the media really likes to tell us how we should look, feel, eat, act, etc. Screw that nonsense! I am going to look, feel, eat, and act the way I want to, and live my life for me, because honestly, the media doesn’t give a shit about you or me. So we must take back our lives by nourishing our bodies with healthy, REAL, food (and no, none of that “low fat”, “fat free”, only allowed a piece of lettuce for lunch crap), exercising, and finding things that make us happy and doing more of that.

I’m by no means a nutritionist or personal trainer but I’m very passionate about both and have done and continue to do research on both topics so everything I write about is just from my own personal experience and research. And what works for me may not work for everyone. I started doing research on a paleo lifestyle when I was a senior in college (about 4 years ago). It’s grown a lot since then and I’ve chosen to follow a paleo-ish lifestyle because it’s what works for me and what makes my body feel and work the best. I don’t eat any gluten because I don’t digest it well and in turn doesn’t make me feel good at all, so bye bye gluten! I try to stay away from highly processed foods and stick to healthy fats, carbs, and proteins as the staples in my eating.

Life is truly a balancing act. It’s okay to treat yourself every now and then, actually I encourage it! Rest days are needed and doing things you love is a must. I hope you can find comfort in my writing and enjoy following along with me in my crazy, unpredictable life 🙂

With so much love,


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